Retired  !!

I provide short- and long-term help to small- and medium-sized
business in data security in general, specializing in data security
within the Cloud.

The Cloud is a business decision, not a technical decision. 
The most common concerns are security, availability and performance.
if you don't know, or ignore, your requirements, your Cloud Computing
project will fail.

I can help answer questions like:

  1. What applications belong in the Cloud?
  2. What are your security requirements?
  3. How do you meet them?
  4. How can the Unisys Stealth Solution Help?


I have proven extensive and varied experience in software development and marketing. I have managed software engineering and marketing teams,
and demonstrated expertise in all areas of customer relations and software project management. We have effectively managed third party relationships
for both technology and sales partners.  I worked for more than 15 years in the US Department of Defense arena, and have spent the past eight years
working with network and storage security solutions in the Cloud. 

I hold a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) from the Cloud Security Alliance and a Unisys Stealth Solution Suite Implementation and Maintenance Certificate from Unisys Corporation. 

Additional strengths:

  • Determine the underlying causes of customer problems and translated them into engineering requirements.
  • Focus on customers’ needs.
  • Able to communicate and present technical topics to senior and middle management, in government and commercial environments.

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